Why did you cancel the city level unlock card?

Maybe some players need to fight directly, but I prefer to slowly upgrade the mechanism of unlocking all cards. And I’m willing to devote more time to this mechanism to play small-scale battles, and enjoy the slow unlocking and powerful experience.

This is also a good exercise for beginners.

The new mechanism unlocks all the cards, so that after I play the battle, I can’t lift my spirit and continue to open new games.

This is the translation of the translator, which may not be so accurate.


I prefer the new version. I tend to play online more and with the old system I was upset that you had to grind for hours and hours to get cards that more experienced players online got only because they had played for a longer amount of time. In multiplayer the new version should be used but maybe there can be a compromise whereby in single player you can have the option to unlock cards.

Please, the unlock cards make only for non-online mode! Why is there no???

Yes, the best way is to have a choice. Multi player combat can be fully unlocked, but single player mode can use the old mechanism to feel the fun of upgrading.

We hope that the government can see our demands and suggestions and update the experience mode we need more

because an player who buys the game now will have to play against people who have already maxed their home cities and it will not be fun for him

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