Why did you remove gambeson in malaysian

why did you remove gambeson in malaysian ?


Because it was too powerful. Malay with free infantry armor, when combined with Gambesons was too strong.


Malays were one of the few civilizations to have a real impact on a very short momentum by playing “full infantry” which was what the Devs wanted. Damage. This is no longer the case. Forced to play M@A Archers and not just M@A as Archers or Cav players do at the start of the game :confused:


I also think it went against the identity of the civ. They’re a quantity over quality infantry civ. Gambeson trash swords wasn’t congruent with that that identity.


I think malay was ok with gameson, not only they are an infantry civ, but they were not broken… do not fix what is not broken

It was broken in Post Imperial, those swordsmen were taking full 60 elite skirm shots, while also being able to kill halbs and Hussars with free inf armor upgrades and all without costing any gold.


And without gamesons they have the same stats against hussars and halberds… and skirms are not supposed to win against then anyways… they should get gamesons back back

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Maybe skirms are supposed to win against trash swordman?
like swordman win Persians trash bow