Why do crossbowmen and unique archers move so slow?

I’m not sure why crossbowmen and unique archers such Longbowmen, Zhuge Nu, and Arbaletrier all move so slowly. They all seem to be light ranged infantry so I’m not sure why they have a slower movement speed than regular archers and instead have the same movement speed as heavily armored men at arms. Their lack of movement speed is especially noticeable on larger maps, such as you would see in team games. I think giving them the same movement speed as other archers would be a good change.

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Each of these units has something a standard archer doesn’t. Defense, attackspeed, range, etc. Archer’s “special” thing is movementspeed. If the others had the same MS they would be incredibly imbalanced. Able to kite, plus the other buffs would be insane.

Well regular archers aren’t a unique unit so I’m not sure why they would have a special thing. Kite what though? Archers already wreck spears, they can all sort of kite men at arms already. Maybe longbows don’t need 7 range (they didn’t outrange crossbows etc by thaaat much) but longbows already beat other archers anyway. Zhuge nu on the other hand get kited by all other archers due to both their range and movement speed and they would still be outranged. I’m not sure this would have actually have that much of an effect on combat, they just wouldn’t be so awfully sluggish to move around the map.