Why do historical maps limit civilizations?

I personally find the ability to basically play what is a randomized pvp balanced campaign map to be one of the coolest things to come to age of empires. However, I find the choice to limit which civilizations can be used on said maps to be an odd and irritating decision, especially in the context of other multiplayer scenarios (aside from campaign maps). I mean this is a game where you can have the Aztecs fight Mexicans for control over Spain. I mean at least make it so that you can choose whether said limits apply to scenarios.

I believe there is a setting called “Recommended settings” that is enabled by default when hosting a historical map. If you turn it off you can play any civ.


Hi there. These aren’t scenarios, they are random maps with objectives.
Historical maps have “recommended” civilizations as they are meant to represent famous conflicts.

Historical Maps are a brand new type of map that dive into history with Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition . As a new variation of Random Maps, they are randomly generated for endless replayability, with unique objectives for each map based on some of the most memorable conflicts on the European continent.
Read more here: Historical Maps and More Come to Knights of the Mediterranean! - Age of Empires

However, as the other poster mentioned, these recommended settings can be turned off and oyu may play any civilization you want.

I hope you enjoy!


Ooops. Didn’t see that.

I hope you will add more in future DLCs especially in Asia, lots of great historical maps can be made from the continent.


Oh yeah, though we will also want maps from other places like the Americas, Africa, and the middle East (yes, I know the middle east is part of Asia, but people don’t think of it as such).

They will need to update the AI though, as it doesn’t make use of existing infrastructure to defend or make the special trading posts or buildings on said map.

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I think there are some people who haven’t realized that option (recommended setting) is in the bottom right of the room. By disabling this option, can use any civilization. I think it allows for more customization overall.

By the way, that review is ■■■■■■■■. Just because of a “defect”, trashed the rest XD.