Why do I have new achievements?

Why do I have new achievements?

I returned yesterday to Age of Empires II DE and I had the surprise to earn the following achievements:

  • Bon Voyage (Turned on Auto Scout in any Game Mode)
  • Prepare for Boar! (Researched Loom at the Town Center)
  • Baby Boomer (Queued 5 Villagers at the Town Center in the Dark Age)
  • Not Just a Militia (Upgraded your Militia to Men-at-Arms)
  • Bull Market (Created a Trade Route with another Market)

I have to mention that last time I played Age of Empires II DE was on 19th of January 2023 :

  • Cuman Victory (Won a game playing as the Cumans)

I also obtained the following achievement on 16th of January 2023 :

  • Eternal Gratitude (Encountered a Penguin in Vinlandsaga)

As for campaigns completed, I have the following achievements :

  • King of Africa (You completed the Sundjata Campaign) - 20th of November 2022;
  • Destroyer of Axum (You completed the Yodit Campaign) - 5th of November 2022;
  • Custodian of the Holy Land (You completed the Saladin Campaign) - 23rd of September 2022;
  • Emperor of Tenochtitlan (You completed the Montezuma Campaign) - 23rd of July 2021;
  • Vladislav, Baby, Don’t Hurt Me (You completed the Dracula Campaign) - 18th of July 2021;
  • Renaissance Man (You completed the Sforza Campaign) - 07th of July 2021;
  • Guardian of Scotland (You completed the William Wallace Campaign) - 18th of June 2021.

I couldn’t have completed all these campaigns without queuing at least 5 villagers at the Town Center or upgrading Militia to Men-at-Arms.
And I remember very well that I researched loom several times while playing different game modes.

These achievements were added to the game with the release of AoE2 on Xbox on 31st January 2023.


Thank you for the answer!

I was very surprised to see myself getting those achievements.

I am actually thankful to the devs because they added new “trophies” for the players!

I see these achievements as rewards for long-time players!

And also it is good the AOE2:DE was added to Xbox, the playerbase can now increase!

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