Why do I Have To Restart My Game After Every Match!

Why do we put up with this ?. If you don’t restart your game then there is unbelievable lag that starts to occur (not network related). I would have thought that selling software the runs properly would be a priority. We have seen it in our own games and in the games of streamer.


I do not have this problem, maybe a driver issue?

I have not run into this issue
Not sure what would cause it

This is true. You have to restart the game Age of empire 3 DE after every long match. If you dont restart the game.there going to be a very strong lag. Sometimes you cant even to move pr the game will crash .


I guess you could try and recreate the issue and submit a bug report with a video.
Might help the devs in finding the issue.


It happens if you play multiple team games in a row. I assume it does not happen much on 1v1 or if you only play for less than an hour. I play mostly team games. I can confirm it is not network related. Streamers often restart their game when this lag starts. It’s been an issue from day 1 and Devs know about it. They should just fix it.

there is nothing happening which you could capture on a video. its simply memory leak and the longer the games the more memory gets clogged up. its a known issue since release.


I noticed this in lobby games more , Yes have to restart after every game otherwise it will lag crazy!
Request Dev Team to show some love on this issue and fix it asap.


You should buy a better computer

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It happens after long matches.

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It’s not the PC either. It’s somehow a bottleneck in the game that saturates memory after long games.


This is still a problem.

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A well known issue on the treaty community, this kind of issues should be a priority

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Please dont necro posts from 2021…
Its fixed with the next update.