Why do pikes outrange musketeers and almost crossbows and are faster than both of them

nah fam, honestly. you’re getting ratioed


did you just curve a sarcastic post cause you really dont understand how a fast xbow that also beats cav in melee and light infantry cause you got 0 actual argument, or is your response to getting put on blast for lack of insight into the issues of azap put you on defense to try to bs “anti otto bias argument” to avoid talk of how op something is? I mean i get it usa beat your azap comp once but there are 20 other civs with more balance you remember that right?

by that logic, organs are fine. i love ports and the win rates on avg are slightly below but the 10/10 wrecks to many civs with current organs. Thats not good for the health of a game. win rates are more complex than you are attempting to utilize and i can save you time by saying evaluation of the win rates of otto after inflation of elo is taken into account remains above 55% meaning otto will on avg carry you 150 elo pts before you actually experience win rate deflation.


Then you need to balance xbows out not azaps, if you do not lower azaps’ cost, it is nonsense to nerf them. I am just saying it out loud here, 1 way nerfing as many requests doesnt help because they do look from a narrow perspective.

Why balance xbow which is fine and many civ have when the issue is 1 unit added only to ottomans?


That was the sarcastic part to playtypus since he was being sarcastic… :smiley:

Ahahaha the old switch to melee mode against light infantry. Good one.

Azaps should be countered by musketeers. They are pikemen after all.