# Why do some civs with Paladin lack Bracer?

While civs with Paladin like Spanish, Huns, Lithuanians, Magyars, Burgundians, and Byzantines has Bracer, why do the other following civs lack this tech? What is the relation between no Bracer for Paladins?

  • Celts (No benefits, they lack final armor and bloodlines, yet they still lack said tech)

  • Cumans

  • Franks

  • Teutons

  • Persians

(No paladin for them, but unique tech and unit behaves likewise)

  • Malians (Farimba )

  • Slavs (Boyar)

It’s got nothing to do with Paladins. Celts don’t have it because they have Stronghold. Cumans don’t have it because then their CA units might be too strong. Franks don’t have it because they aren’t an archer civ. Teutons don’t have it because they have Crenellations. Persians don’t have it because they have Kamandaran. Malians don’t have it because they have a theme of missing at least one upgrade on all the three main generic unit lines, and most other lines as well. Slavs don’t have it because they are a siege civ, and have Detinets. There’s literally no intended relationship between Paladin and Bracer, it’s just something that happens.


That’s not a true statement. They lack bracer from AoK but Stronghold and Kamandran were added later. Those techs are not related for lack of Bracer.
Paladin civs on AoK missing Bracer that is intended design (Only Byzantines are AoK civ which have both paladin and Bracer). More civs having both Paladin and Bracer such as Spanish, Huns, Magyars, Lithuanians are added in later DLC.

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That might have been the case originally, but it would never be added now because of those techs, so I wouldn’t consider my statement false, although it isn’t totally accurate either.


Except Celts and Slavs, others have great bonus on cavalry, good infantry, good eco, hand canoneer as an anti-infantry option(Kipchak for Cumans). So they miss bracer for balance purposes.

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There is no relationship between having Paladins and having Bracers.

Half of the Paladin civs got Bracers, the other do not, it is for tech tree diversity. It is more interesting when civs do not all have the same tech tree.

Why did you ask? I mean why Bracers specifically ? And not gunpowder unit for instance ?