Why do the Indians still have the Heavy Camel in the civ selection interface instead of the Imperial Camel?

This bug has existed since the very beginning of the interface overhaul. How hasn’t anyone else noticed this yet?


It was reported long time ago, but It seems developers don’t saw that posts or just not intrested in changing it. :man_shrugging:


I’ve just checked to not spread misinformations, but to this day scenario editor Legionary’s shield rotate by 180 degrees when he is moving.

What. Did you accidentally reply do the wrong post?

No, just to proof that you will probably face many bugs, glitches that exist in game for really long time ( even since the release of game ) and developers do nothing about it.

Oh nvm, I misread it. I’ve used the Legionary quite a few times in the scenario editor now and didn’t notice anything weird with them. What exactly do you mean by “their shields rotate 180 degrees when moving”?

Pay attention to the symbol on shield.

That’s a problem with the graphic file itself. Really weird how they haven’t fixed that yet.

Not sure if this is the reasoning behind the devs but it is not that weird for the shield to rotate 180 degrees while walking. Your forearm rotates 180 degrees when switching between a relaxed stance (which you might have during a long walk) and a battle stance. If the elbow is near the center of the shield, as is the case with some shield grips, the shield would not move much, just rotate.

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