Why do USA units all have extra range with no penalties?

Regular has more range than musk
Carbine cav has more range than dragoon or cav archer
Sharpshooter has more range than skirmishers

When every unit in usa combo has evtra range it is much mich easier for usa player to micro, difficult for others to force a fight. You must have more units than usa player to force a fight because you always lose some units at the beginning due to kiting. If you have same amount of units as USA player you can never engage in a fight because the enemy has extra range they always hit first.

Not fair at all. If USA units have extra range please make them a bit slower or more expensive for compensation.


Agreed. I hate it when my fire throwers are outranged by some punk with a gun, XD. But seriously though, something needs to be done about the US

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Meanwhile their most OP unit, the gatling gun, has less range.


But they don’t need to pack and unpack, theybalso moves faster, do more dps, so that’s more rhan enough to compensate forbthe shorter range. They can easily cover that 2 less range. Also they have an OP shipment of 3 gatling that can repeat…

When USA units have shorter range there is compensation, when they have more range there is no compensation for opponent


well sharpshooters have a shitty animation, but they can train them in age 2 with 22 range which seems kind of excessive.


Don’t forget they get extra range resist…


[Why do USA units all have extra range with no penalties?

Because it’s canon.

Talking seriously. Because the infantry is what they usually stand out for. Supposedly their cavalry is not that good.

While some civs skirm have less than 20 range, aztecs, lakota, inca…in age2 even more civs

So why the carbine cav has more range too?

Yes, it is one of the best light cavalry in the game, while the Zamburak always has an embarrassing range of 12. That’s why I say supposedly.

Regulars are more expensive then Musketeers in coin and total resources. Even with that extra range Archers and Skirmishers out range Regulars which are a counter to them so you should be using them.

Carbine Cavalry are more fragile then Dragoons especially before sending Buffalo Soldiers card. Even with that extra range Skirmisher type units out range Carbine Cavalry which are a counter to them so you should be using them.

Sharpshooters have one of the lowest amount of Health of Skirmisher type unit and also have a crappy attack animation.

Usa having an identity of long range isnt inherently bad. The current usa issue is the classic DE balance issue of too much boosts at one time.

Sharpshooters are functionally unchanged from release sans minor tweaks. As a skirm #### #### on most infantry and goons better than normal skirms as well as dominate age2 (seriously range21 age2 is a blunder) to mid age3 fights. Several civs such as haude france dutch and ports skirms will close the stat gap when 3x carded so the first shot taken always vs sharpshooters becomes less issue. And as anyone with experience using Cassadors know, low hp high range resist means cannon bait you is. They also cost coin alot but then ofc usa can pump coin eco but this coin cost is a thing. They also can be massed extremely easily age3 and even age2(and then shadowtech to 3) meaning you get a huge advantage on the skirm goon mass.

Usa goons were boosted after gats were nerfed as a compensation. Usa goons are ridiculous now because they first boosted stats and reduced cost and had terrible animation then removed animation issue and no real nerf and an accidently church resource bug. Whoopsies. Anyways range14 base means they can always kite musk so whereas literally every single goon in the game has to spend like 800 res (arsenal plus tech) you dont. Whats a soft counter? Your goon is extremely cost effective res to res and thx again to church can be massed while going to 3. It cannot be stressed enough how important goon skirm is balanced by not being massable age2 yet usa says “haha hold my beer and watch me 2x mass anyone else” shadowteching 3 units should never be paired but here we are.

Now regulars are probably fine. Expensive but bettet attk musk with a pinch more.range. an avg number of gimmicks for once. Scales decently but wont outpreform ashi.

Lastly pair this all with absurd tempo and cards (russian american co cause god forbid your opponent be able do something to stop you like to snipe a rax right freedombros?) And you got current usa.

Imho we should let usa infantry alone as while annoying my FPs cant duel easily vs sharps age3 long term my LCs will wipe that dudes smirk right off and then 4x carded FPs put beta male sharps into their place. Same with regulars who complained about them really? Its the goon thats the issue. Sharps werent even common before goons got OP. Also usa og design was strong infantry good artillery unique eco but meh cav. We can do it community, we dont have sweden easy skirm goon, inca cannons, italy spam forts for ever. We can let usa have a weakness and strengths elsewhere.

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They get 15 % cheaper hussars which is huge, Magyar hussars, and carbine cav which is one of the best goons in the game.

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same reason ashi have boosted stats and extra speed, Its the civ strength and their units cost more ( or in the US case cost inefficiently)

Just give Sharpshooters a x0.8 against light infantry and increased Carbine Cavalry cost to 85f and 90c.

That’ll likely fix things.

The issue of regulars being 14 range is that they can’t be kitted by dragoons anymore, like ordinary musketeers, so this kind of breaks the dynamics.

Imo all musketeers should get 14 range, they shouldn’t be countered by dragoons in the first place.

or put dragoons at 10 range by default and leave the muskets alone :smiling_imp:

I prefer buffing, there’s no danger of power creeping. The musket upgrades can be age4.

Yeah. +1 with the veteran upgrade, and +1 with the lookout upgrade.