Why does Gun Running Big Button costs so much (700 coin)?


Currently all Native Americans must research “Gun Running” Big Button to be able to create any Outlaws in Native Embassy. And this BB cost 700 coin which is a very high cost in my opinion.

I mean Outlaws cost only coin and Native Americans are not good coin gatherers (only 1 coin upgrade in Market available). Outlaws takes big amount of population space too. So, paying 700 coin just for a possibility to create Pistolero, Comanchero and Renegado (and Captured Mortar later on) doesn’t make sense. Nobody will ever use it.

I think that this BB should be much cheaper and maybe even provide some additional benefits for Outlaws to be useful.


I really don’t know why it will be like this, but there must be some reason.
I also remind you that before the outlaws were only available from the fortress age. Now they are available before, in commercial, if you see it like this, before you had to pay yes or yes 1200 food and 1000 coin to have access to them, now you only have to pay 700 gold.

Perhaps with Gun Running Big Button, native embassies could produce a trickle of gold, just like European bars.