Why does it take 5+ minutes to repair a landmark?

I just played monhols, my kurultai went down, sent 3 villagers to repair it, it was going extremely slow. More than 5 minutes. Also, adding more villagers to repair it almost didn’t increase the speed. Is it intended?

Probably a bug… Mongols landmarks has had a lot of bugs since release, maybe it is another one.

You can check this with any other civ vs AI. Go vs AI easy as english and put feudal landmark near enemy base. Let him take it down then go repair and check.

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Did you actually measure time and got 5+ minutes or this is just based on the feeling. Do you mind sharing the replay (match history)?

In any case:

  1. One villager repairs buildings (including landmark) at the speed of 20 HP/second.
  2. Repair speed is NOT proportional to the number of villagers repairing for example 3 villagers restore like 47 HP/second or so not 60. 10 villagers repair almost 5 times as fast as 1 villager

(can’t upload whole videos as the file size would be too large)
So repairing Kurultai from 0 to full using 3 villagers should take like 106 seconds and if you really got more than 5 minutes then it probably was a bug (assuming nobody was attacking it during the reparation).

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I will check today in replay how long it really ##### ### in this video it definitely seems much faster.
It was a nomad ffa custom game, there might have been some mod and many mods have some weird hidden changes of game mechanics for no reason, so maybe it could have been that. Will post what I found out.

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If the game was modded/had a tuning pack then those could be bugged