Why does Mughal Ele armour research costs resource?

Its an age4 card , that give all the eles, extra 10% resist (melee resists to eles with range, and range resist to ele with melee resist), It costs 500W and 500G.

That’s easily the first card u want to ship as soon as you reach age 4, and yet this RESEARCH card is costed 1000 resource.

W H Y ? Is there a point ? Is this common in other civs ? does it make sense ?


Almost all the changes to India were oriented for Treaty, the idea is not to break the civ in supremacy, possibly that is why the Indians have a cost with that card


otto got similar treatment with the team age 4 card that gives 10 melee armour, seems to be a theme this time around.

I think the reason is stop FIs in supremacy context. alot of the new cards are age 4 based so just slowing it down

the cost can come down though

Otto card provides SPAHI for whole team also, it makes a little sense to have cost on Units card. But the Indian card doesnt even give any units.

meanwhile the temple research is also costing 500w 500c, so its basically its :
to get an age 4 viable mohout :

  • 500w and 500c
    + 1 Shipment
    + 500w and 500c research
    + 600w 600c upgrade :slight_smile: