Why does Relic hate walls?

Are we really going to walk into the next few years stubborningly using a “continental” wall system, where civilizations arbitrarily use walls from one continent? Both Japanese and Byzantines using Chinese walls really is quite bitter. It seems almost ridiculous that this is fated to mean that every African civilization will feature Malian stone walls. How awful is that?

See this image? That was what Rus was going to have. It isn’t impossible.

The funny thing is how extremely low effort it is to create walls, considering how many resources they use to make all the building assets for each new civilization. A wall is effectively made up of three bits that tie together in a spline system; the irony is that, most of the aesthetic “parts” you need to make them, already exist in the form of Gates and Stone Towers, which ARE made individually for each civilization (although, they have seemingly gotten lazy with both Japanese and Byzantines, whom feature basically Ottoman and Chinese copies).

Out of all possible assets to make, these would be one of the lowest effort ones–and they contribute greatly, considering how massive Stone Walls are in AoE4. I mean, they’re just huge, which makes them a huge eyesore as they currently stand.

It is unfortunate. I didn’t want to make another rant post already so soon in 2024, but it is frustrating to see this keep being ignored, just because they an get away with ignoring it.

This was a pretty cynical post, I know. Truth is, I think the developers have done wonderfully in many places of AoE4, so this simply comes across as such a massive visual blunder in comparison to the other great things bring implemented.

Here’s hoping that they are taking steps towards improving this.

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