Why does the AI hate walls?

I noticed the same in AoE 2 DE, the AI seems to hate walls. In AoE2, I rarely faced walls. Instead, it built walls out of dozens of towers.
In AoE3 DE the AI doesn’t seem to like walls either. Why?

Pretty much everyone hates walls.



(20 character nonsense)

Perhaps, it’s too difficult to teach the AI to use walls properly.

In the original AoE III, the ai also didnt build walls, there were scripts I believe, made by players, which added to the ai building walls around their city, so its definatly possible, but I think they actually changed almost nothing to the existing ai, of which a lot of people asked for the to have the ability to build walls.

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please devs make the ai better so that it builds walls to protect its base

kynesie might disagree :smiley:

I’ve heard that AI is unable to use walls properly so they shut them off from doing it by default since 2005. I think that they could rip some pages from the Stronghold series and make IA opponents build walls based on a preset group.

Europeans build like this, native americans build like that, asians like that something else and so on and so forth… No surprises, but at least their bases will stop being a welcoming sight for any form of quick cavalry raids.

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