Why does the game automatically hotkey to my Town Center?

For some reason, about every 5 seconds the game automatically hotkeys to the Town Center. This happened in two of my campaigns now. How do I fix this?

does it happen without you touching anything?

if it happens as you play it could be you have a hotkey bound to it that you are touching for some other reason.

When this happens to me I am not touching any keys usually when I am attempting to scroll with my mouse, there are times when it occurs when I am not touching anything. I double checked my hotkeys and reset them to default and it still occurs.

This also happens to me and makes the game simply unplayable. Every 5s or so, it focuses on the town center without pressing any keys or moving the mouse.


Maybe see if you have a hotkey mapped for going to the TC, any key. Remove it. Does that help?

I would try with buying a new mouse or use another one. Probably your scroll wheel is defect and performs an unwanted middle click.

I have experienced the same problem. It was the mouse. Some mice have little buttons on the side that you might touch without intention and it hoteys to the town center for some reason. I am now using a simple mouse and the problem is gone.