Why does the rodelero have a plastic sword and papper armor?

This is a joke but c’mon i wager they are the least trained
trainable unit in the game.

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rodeleros are used by nearly every elo of spain player, frequently and in good numbers, what are you on about?


Yeah 1 of the best combos in the game is rodolero and lancer.


They are support units that act en masse, are not very versatile and are only effective against their discreet counters against archers, skirmishers and pikemen. I would say that this unit has nothing strange it is quite good.

7 rod shipment doesn’t count

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Guy saying Spain doesnt use rodeleros is like saying Ottos or India dont use Janisaries/Sepoys lol


nah fam, you’re just wrong and thats ok

Rods + lancers are a nice combo. But I feel both aren good units but not TOP.

I feel rods are some weak, in small group fights they are strong, but as unit mass increases they drop like flies.

I hope BUFF +1 dmg or add +10% rr.

And if necessary NERF - 3 siege dmg (giving more importance to the mandatory use of piks to siege).

And above all convert it in ARCHAIC INF plz (sinergy with Reconquista card).


12 seems to be a break even point for a melee heavy infantry and would otherwise need some kind of restriction - mostly pretty high cost for the eco on it, both the club and rods had 12 in the past and had to be nerfed.

The units that breaks this trend is changdao, which cant be train indivdually puma which has really heavy gold cost for the civ and rajput which was also really expensive (though might be becoming broken now )

if rods are getting that buff, you are going to have to bump up its cost to like 115 -120 total res likely

a -3 siege nerf on a unit with 10 siege is basically nothing, its already shit

In the past they got the nerf, but they should reverse it, I don’t think that with 12 dmg they will be OP or turn Spain into OP civ, right now.

I think +5 gold would be enough

The siege dmg is crap but it can go down to absolute crap to make it look a very very bad thing.

Both Changdaos (despite their complexity to produce them) and Rajputs seem to me to be a higher tier.

Rajputs are broken, too good, massable, high damage, high speed, high siege damage… and I don’t remember if they are going to get nerfed in this patch…

dont be too sure, even the club warrior nerf only happened in DE and rods for all their faults are key to a deadly comp, which means a small change can tip them over

thats a token change, not a real nerf, no one is siegeing with them now so nerfing it is immaterial to the unit

its going to need to about about 45c i think like the puma

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40 melee resist isnt exactly paper. But i guess you are right about HP. Its sort of paper in real engagements.


I’m not sure, maybe you’re right, I find +10 gold for +1dmg a bit excessive.

But I prefer a strong and useful rod (and archaic inf) even if it is expensive.

In the end, in the majority of cases, the biggest beneficiary of all this, the shipment of 7 rods haha

Thing is that rods aren’t as versatile as other units. Lets say i scout and i look at the opponent’s deck and ok i see nothing of the ordinary in terms of strats, will i make rods? Absolutely not as musks/ lancers and 2 falcs gives me the best value. Point and case, for a civ focused on melee inf and melee fights ( soldados don’t count) it lacks power in this department be it actually raw power, versatility and synergy. This is very infuriating for me because there are a fair few civs that have all the previous point finely tuned.

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Agree, supossed spain is the european civ focused on melee.

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‘paper armor’? they have 40% melee resist!

The only downside really is that spain has 3 royal guard units and Pikemen are usually a better choice.

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I think they need a melee attack buff. They do as much damage as musks in hand combat, I don’t see why they cant have a bit extra melee damage since they always die to ranged units.


Thats assuming the fight last long until industrial. In Brit and Spain match ups is mostly Rush strats

40% melee resist though makes them win melee fights.

they’re 6 speed, they can’t be kited by nearly anything, they can’t be too strong or we get whatever rajputs are now