Why does the server crash so often? Flashback?

I’ve experienced multiple crashes and flashbacks in the game within the week. Especially in 4v4 games.

Once I had built the wonder, created the troops, built the fortifications, 3 good friends and I were ready to defend everything. When the enemy was ready to start the attack, the game crashed and the game’s interface flickered.

I would like to know if any players have encountered a similar situation? I feel very unhappy if it’s the server’s fault. Because we were designing the defense and spent a lot of time in the rush to build wonder. when exhausted and ready to defend, everything came to nothing (the game fizzled out)

If this is a human factor, I hope the official website can punish these people who spoil the atmosphere of the game, because we really want to stick to and enjoy the game.

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I don’t believe I have experienced more than a single crash in all my time playing this game. I know others in my friends list have about the same experience as myself.

When it comes to the match itself bombing, that is generally the work of a drop hacker.

its not the server its a Drop Hack. Happeneds more and more now.
No result = Drop Hack