Why does the server still suck

2 years after, 3 DLC after, 10k profile picture after… you get it
The game server still sucks : your game isn’t visible, when it does it fullfill too fast for your friends to join, the maps are always the same.
The “quick” match takes 8 min to affect you with players 400pts above your level.
We waited today for one hour after droping because the bugs prevented us to have good experience.
Today after 5 years of playing I decided to stop because the game browser is unbearable.

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You can set your lobby to private so that only your friends can see it

We are 3 players, we need people to play with.

Kick someone then. “sorry, friend is coming” → kick


Not sure about the reason of this kind of blackmail topic “I quit the game because it’s not how I want”…

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You can set the lobby to private, have your friends join, and then make it public.

It’s not blackmail, It’s just information.
“You have no power here” :wink:

The main problem is that we create a game and for 15 min no one comes in because the game isn’t visible in the lobby browser. So we are forced to go in the visible games which fills so fast that at 3 players we can barely come to few games.
I wish game would be visible when they are created, we could filter games that are full, sort out the games no one can enter (bugs), filter by map… They haven’t changed a single sing on the game browser from HD and keed to do so.