Why does US cowboy get nerfed so heavily in PUP?

Why do US cowboy get so many nerfs in PUP but Mexico vaquero remain unchanged? They are same type units by the way. I think PUP overnerfs cowboys which makes US outlaws build order hard to play. Furthermore, US anti-cav becomes a big problems since US carbine cavalry is a bad light cav unit with low range resist and no one use them in pro 1v1 match. Please don’t nerf cowboy bull eye‘’s cooldown and make dance hall card available in age 3(Ronin is age 3 mercenary unit, now it can only get unlock in age 4). Thanks!

because this unit is broken, great change from dev


You don’t play US in 1v1 ladder at all and can‘t simply say that they are broken units, Ports dragoon is also 18 range with full tech. Are they also broken?. Change is necessary but not like this one in PUP.

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I agree that too.The US is a country owns the weak dragoon.If cowboy no longer strong,what unit we should depend on?The weaker carbine cavalry?Supposing that you are also a US player like me,you will say that “I think so”.


US dragon need a buff to anti cav better,but whatever,nerf cowboy is a good choice.

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Some civs are purposely designed to be weak in some areas. For the US it’s dragoon(or cav in general), just like how lakota infantry is weaker, or how for chinese it’s anti cav.


key word, full tech. The cowboy gets that in age 2.

the problem with the cowboy is that they generate advantage way too early in the game and that snowballs very quickly since they have such high dps with the charge attack and are so fast that you can inflict masses of damage and then run away with minimal losses and w8 for the charge attack again.

In the hands of even a semi skilled player its a death mass.


because the guy that created the stats on this unit, doesnt have many hours of playing aoe3 imo.

the charged attack should have lower range then the normal attack tbh so that you can make a decision to dive and maximise DPS or stay away at range

goons shouldn’t outrange muskets and most age 2 skirms in commerce age, period. non-negotiable.


They should just nerf the charged attack, perhaps make it so the cooldown start at 0 when trained

please devs, bring the update now!, cant bear those cowbow that kill everything! how much sufffering we want us to hold?

Chinese new year, which is in about… 5 days.

factions have weaknesses, the US already has amazing anti infantry and pays for it by being a little worse vs cavalry.


just make the normal american goon cav to 1 popilation than its fine


yes lets make an OP faction more OP.


Because the game don’t needs retarded units.

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