Why does your Ranked match making suck so hard?

1: Practice your build order and early-game macro. (priotizing and switching between resources for vills)
2: Get good at using Scouts, both for scouting and harassing.
3: Get good at using towers to gain map control
4: Evaluate the risk and consider building defensive towers at exposed resources. (such as forward gold)
5: Watch some casted games between pro players, to see how they build, react, manage and plan their strategy. There is a lot of minor things you can easily implement yourself without having to become really good at the game itself. I like watching Aussie_Drongo’s casts as he explains a lot why they are doing what they are doing + aussie accent.

It happened to me, that I had the same opponent in two consecutive days :smiley: I’m currently around Gold I, so nothing like top 500 :smiley:
It’s not an issue at the end to face the same player, but was a bit strange, where I wondered how big the playerbase really is

I have the same feeling as OP… 4 out of 5 matches at least are clear who will win (either me or opponent). Last week I had an 90 minute long very tight game, after that in the chat we also discussed that this close of a match is really rare :smiley:

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