Why doesn’t crop rotation give extra carry?

Why doesn’t crop rotation give +1 or +2 carry in addition to extra food? Only heavy plow gives extra carry capacity so crop rotation being the final upgrade is actually not good at all compared to heavy plow. It’s weird how the imperial upgrade is worse than the castle upgrade.

Because it wouldn’t make any difference. Once you have researched hand cart, the farmer carry capacity is no longer the limiting factor for farming rate. The limiting factor is then the farm food production rate, which is 0.4f/s.


So Aztecs don’t benefit from heavy plow extra carry? They already have extra carry.

To simplify things, while you are below 20 carry capacity, any extra carry has an impact. Once you are above this threshold, any extra carry doesn’t do anything for farming rate.

So heavy plow has an effect for aztec farming if you get it before hand cart.

Practically has no effect then 11