Why doesnt fishingships count as vills?

why doesnt fishingships count as vills?
or show amount of fishingships (and tradecarts) in top/left corner at least.

its confusing. have to calculate amount of fishingships.


But they are already count as vills, or do you mean to have a separate room for ships/casrts population alone? Why? What is the problem with that? The same will be for military units

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I think it would be cool if it was displayed in the user interface at the top but only if you own some.

Like on a 1v1 Arabia match you probably won’t see a difference. On a water map you see how many fishing ships you have all the time and in a big teamgame you always have the trade carts in view.


they dont. i just saw it today.

Yeah, it is pretty cunfusion some times. Some of the counters include fishing ships as vills, others wont. I would say that vills, fishing ships and trade cars / cogs all need to count for the vill counter that you see during the game. That is just ‘which part of the population is used for eco’. They also need to count for the number of vills on food (fishing ships) or gold (trade car / cogs). This is much more clear.


finally someone who understands

Even in the game Villagers, Fishing Ships and Trade units have Economy Class. If you are neutral your units never attack neutral players economy unless you ordered them broke peace.

I just wanted to mention I agree with you.

Quick display: Number of trade carts

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thats too complicated. still have to count vills plus those things. im noob bro.

The villager-only value displayed on the UI is intentional as build orders are based on villager count. Although fishing ships perform a similar function to villagers, the location of fish and types of fish (deep sea vs shore) makes them less reliable, and thus are often not part of build orders.

basically i need 2 things.

  1. vills + fishingships + tradecarts in one stat top left corner.
  2. military top left corner.

Because ships are, in fact, not people. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


youre missing the whole point.

I want to know why trade carts dont count as villagers. all they do is collect gold so they should go on the villager count


yes. i just realized that tradecarts counts as villagers in end-game stats but not in-game. strange.

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You can see their number by using the button above the mini-map. also trade carts as well.

and in my opinion they should remain separate. they should not count as vills.

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The biggest issue is there’s no easy way to immediately see how much eco/mil you have. Best way is to change your map and do math, but even that affects the map so you might miss/be late on some important map info.

they can remain separate. im ok with that. but tradecarts should have own icon top/left then.