Why doesnt game have House of Osman?

As you know devs have added many royal houses to the game which is gread additon but house of Osman isnt added as royal houses. House of Phanar is added to Anatolia map but it is greek royal house that doesnt exist in Anatolia. House of Osman is added as card but it should be added like other royal houses as house of Osman is one of the significant royal house.

Most of the houses that rules direclty the major civilizations are cards instead of minor civs, except Bourbons and Habsburgs.


Vasa is the only ruling dynastie available as natives. Since napoleon is not bourbon and frederick is not habsburg


No I think most of the native houses ruled the major civs.
But those that ruled multiple nations are natives and those that are limited to one nation (e.g. Tudor) are cards.

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I could see them add them at a later point. There are a lot more possible royal houses.
I don’t think there is a reason why they are not in the game other then that they didn’t get to adding them yet.
Or they plan to add a Muslim focused DLC at a later point with civilisations like Morocco, Oman or Persia and wait for that to add the house of Osman.


I hope devs add them as adding pharna house in anatolia map isnt historical and other muslim royal hauses will add great flavor as well as european royal houses.

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I mean not specific AI personalities, but whole factions

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I think the Ottoman Royal House could represent the Muslim population of the Balkans like Bosniaks and Pomaks (Bulgarian Muslims).