Why doesnt military & tradecart show in top left corner?

why doesnt tradecart show in stats as villagers?

could u create military stats and tradecart stats aswell in top left corner?


Yes, UI should certainly display economical (villagers + fishing ships + trade units) and military population counts, like do spectator overlays (CaptureAge, HC3 overlay, etc).

Economical and military population counts are most important info about player’s situation and it would be very helpful to see them both while playing and spectating.


it was ridiculous yesterday when playing. i had to switch to economical map and see the stats and count and count. stupid thing.


ive realized that tradecarts r shown in goldstats but that doesnt really do the job because we could have gold miners and carts at the same time.

trade carts and military stats should be on top left corner plz. or at least adjustable in settings.

i should need to use a calculator during game.

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Fishing ships and trade carts are not shown in villager stats, sadly. A fix for this would be nice. Also the gold villagers could show 2 numbers, 1 for miners and 2nd for trade carts/cogs. Same for food, villagers on first number, fishing ships on 2nd number. And maybe the villager count could have 3 separate numbers or just compile them all under the 1 number. But it’s stupid to think “oh, I have 100 villagers/fishing ships/trade carts”, ok, this is good, I have room for a proper military", only to realise a bit later “oh, I’ve got 25 fishing ships and 20 trade carts, no wonder my army’s so small compared to the enemies”.


my tradecarts r shown in gold stats. arent yours?

They are yes, but not separately and they don’t show up in villager count.

we really need tradecarts and military stats on top left corner asap. plz microsoft.


also fishingships.

make it adjustable in settings so everyone keeps to be happy.


I made a Reddit post about this with implementation suggestion. I thought about modding this, but then it appeared, that it is currently impossible to mod, because economical and military population counts are not available for displaying in UI.

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ffs plz microsoft get fishingships, tradecarts and military also up there.

im going crazy specially on water maps.

fishingships should at least count as villagers in-game. they r counted as villagers in end-game stats strangely.

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Very nice catch on villager count calculation being inconsistent between in-game UI and post-game statistics! This is a clear bug and I posted a report about it. It would be nice, if military count would be displayed, but displaying proper villager count would be easy for developers to do and already very helpful.

Yeah, there is not much to do with current “Number of villagers” on water maps, because fishing ships are not included.

I think they will try to improve the ui with the capture age team.

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We will have Capture Age added though

@RoomOfTheEvil, @ArshiaAghaei
This is good, but I will definitely want to see total economical and military population counts also while playing, not only while spectating :slight_smile:
It would be weird if spectating UI would be much better than playing UI.

You do have a point.

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