Why Doesn't The Game Showing Units, Research, and Buildings Creation Time

As titled, why is that?

Is that intentional? Isn’t that will help players predict stuffs and play better?

I feel there’s a need in knowing how long to create villagers, each army, each building with one villager, upgrade age especially, etc.

Otherwise, most players will just send one villager to build blacksmith without knowing market takes double of the time other than experience. Easier for new players to pick up like that.

After researching to enhance creation time like Redemption, just update the time automatically, possible?

Just show at resources UI.


This is intentended. I made some post like other people and developers don’t care about it. What’s more discription of some technologies to this day are not showing how much they have impact on units. Example: Arson - Infantry deal more damage vs building - new player don’t have any information in game that damage is increased by +2 damage vs. buildings.

Yeah these types of features were requested a lot but devs didn’t think it was worth it. Luckily you can use some mods that show that, try Improved Extended Tooltips, my mod, shows the Creation Time for every unit right next to the cost, and also shows info for everything else for a unit, attack bonus, armor classes, stats etc…


I tried

I tried, it’s useful! Guess community still has to work hand in hand with the devs to ensure brilliant game experience.

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