Why don't we have Target Lines? Example in the post!

Why are there no target lines for selected units?

I should see at a glance what target a single or even multiple selected units currently have. I should see a line to the tree a worker is targeting if I select him. I should see a line going from an archer to the ground when following a move command and I should see a line when selecting multiple archers going to each ones’ current target they are attacking. I should see multiple lines connected with each other for shift-commands. To see exactly what they will do next and in which order.

Here is all the lines that are needed with ideas on their respective colors and shapes:

General coloring & shapes

  • Red = Attack

  • Green = Movement

  • Yellow = Attack Move

  • Purple = Resource Gathering

  • Orange = Building

  • Blue = Garrison

  • Normal Line = Current action

  • Dashed Line = Actual command, but overwritten because of a temporary action e.g. a target is attacked in a attack move command OR commands in queue


  • Movement: Green Line to movement point

  • Movement followed by Queued Movement: Green Line to current movement point connected with Dashed Green Line to next movement point

  • Attacking target: Red Line to the target (unit or building)

  • Attack move (no enemy): Yellow Line to the attack move target point

  • Attack move (with enemy): Red Line to the current target and a Dashed Yellow Line to the move target point

  • Gather resource command (going to resource): Purple Line to resource

  • Gather resource command (bringing resource back): Dashed Purple Line to resource and Normal Purple Line to the depot building

  • Building command: Orange Line to building


Generic examples of gathering, moving, attack move (with and without unit in aggro range). You can easily see in 1s what action every unit is doing (click to zoom!)

Actual combat comparison. You can see at one glance what the actual commands are and what the current action is of each unit (click to zoom!)

It will provide good convenience, but I think it ruins the artwork.

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Not a bad idea actually. It could be good if it was an optional setting, and as long as you can’t see what enemy units are doing.

do you have problems with AoEIII?