Why don't we work on another big fan patch that enacts all the changes we want to see?

The development team must also think about 1vs1 match balance, treaty, and team play balance.

But right now, I wonder if they can do that.
So far, they’ve all done only balance patches for treaty.

Yeah, I can agree with that. You always lose Strelets going into a fight, trying to get in a good position, and when you’re there, you don’t even use all your strelets as 1/3 of them stand around doing nothing, or some try to walk around with poor pathfinding and get shot.

But with 18 range (as I have tested), it is a world of a difference. 10-15 more strelet are active in the fight, and you trade so much better. It feels like you can kill now. You can snipe 3-4 goons with a mass of 10-20 from far away, and you can kite musks with ease. It feels like Russia actually has a normal skirm unit. And you can contribute unlimited support to team fights (via spam) from a decent distance without strelets taking the role of the meatshield with their low HP.

I still lean towards 18 range because it has always been a hard road in the skirm VS skirm battles in supremacy. And it makes Russia less reliant on artillery in treaty, as they don’t even have the engineering card to produce artillery faster

Yeah. Honestly, my views have changed a bit since the start of this post. Balance is very tricky. There’s so many variables at stake that will affect the civ in different game modes. But definitely, I believe there is a some sort of “optimal” balance out there

yeah if village should have any changes it should probably be to the amount of herdables, but i am not certain china needs a stronger late/treaty eco as they are already on the top.