Why French

Why you cannot rush or attack French at tier 2 but French is allowed to attack you Relic? What is this kind of design? allowing a civ to produce the most OP at tier 2, every CIV should be able to attack at tier 2, if you attack French you lost all villagers… this game will keep losing players because of this design decisions.

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French is not the most OP things right now.

maybe you should play a bit more, you could very well end the French in the second age if you know how, the early knight doesn’t mean what you think it meant.

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French are super easy to win against! Two viable options are to deny their gold, so they can’t produce knights, or play defensively so they invest into knights which they can’t get any use out of!

My reccomendation is to watch YouTube videos to learn about tactics that can help!

French need a heavy nerf they are op way to easy and always rushing no fun in this game.needs a nervous like seige dose.

French are not op anymore now that spearmen deal more damage and brace automatically, preventing the knights charge bonus and stunning them. Just scout them out and as soon as you see a knight start making some spears and put them on your exposed resources or push them using spears and horsemen ( to deal with archers).

Don’t matter they still are op have good skills need and a lot of people agree they need a nerf it’s all over the forums relic needs to listen nerf the french

As described in the stream Relic wants to buff the weaker civs to bring them up to the mongols power level (the current best civ in the game). France right now is a very middling civ and them getting buffed is more likely than nerfs in Spring patch.