Why give the weakest Civ 2 landmarks in a game built on landmark victory?


Everyone knows that Abbasids are the lowest winrate Civ for a lot of reasons and they’re also not playable in team matches games since the game built on landmark victory and they got 2 landmarks? i think this is a BUG!

For example firelancers deletes 2 landmarks in a few seconds while Chinese got 8 landmarks?

Now lets discuss why Abbasids are lowest winrate civ:

1- Their unique units camels are one of the weakest unique units ingame even mongol scout khan is better than them.

2- Unique golden age which buff villagers require -60- buildings close to eachother which is very hard to achieve compared to other civs that gets villager buff without doing anything big as building 60 structurers.

3- Aging up depends on 1 building and all enemies target it so you cant age up when your ONLY landmark is down.

4- aging up with abbasids are slowest compared to all other civs for unknowns reasons?

5- You cannot use or upgrade any of abbasid technologies while aging up cause it’s all in one building?

6- weakest civ in age 2 cause they got no lancers or men at arms compared to other civs?

7- troops can build siege in age 3 like mongols but they cant even repair it?

8- absolutely nothing special in water maps for abbasids while historically they’re one of the strongest civs as most modern science are built on their contributions.

9- if you tried to wall house of wisdom in team matches so enemies don’t snipe you since you’re the weakest civ you lose any chance to get golden age to buff villagers.

10- it’s depressing trying to compare abbasids to any other civs like imaging comparing camels to firelancers or even khan and elephants or chinese 9 landmarks to abbasid 1 landmark.

11- did you just make camels for memes? when someone see them in army or camels raiding he laughs that’s how useless you made this civs.

12- there are so many things you could do to make abbasids decent starting by fixing above ^^.

I hope one of devs or balance team see this cause the effort made on abbasids music and voice actors is HUGE.



You speak from the heart of the abbasid people. Camel has been moved to tears by you, as I have played more than 150 abbasid games, you have summed it up very comprehensively


Thank you for the thoughtful feedback @Qnix1—you have been heard.


This time I cried. Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

abbasid upgrade is 2 minutes. fixed. The slowest and won’t get any bonus after leveling up, must learn technology, which makes his age level up to 3 minutes. In feudal times it was fatal


@SavageEmpire566 You can see statistics here if you guys prefer working with data:

Abbasids are the worst civ in literally every elo ingame and they lose in all maps water or land.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new player or pro player if you pick Abbasid you will most likely lose, And if you pick abbasid in team matches your team will most likely dodge game cause your 2 landmarks get sniped


Maining abbasid since launch here
well spoken, you forgot one important point which is why abbasid is under performing
all other civs get a bonus on age up
as abbasid no, you need to waste more resources and time to get your bonus
that and camels need buffs
if they fix those 2 things , abbasid will be improved by alot

are we expecting balance changes this update @SavageEmpire566 or just bug fixs?
have a good day


I never understood why Abbasid don’t get the first research 75% faster and cheaper per age.

Other Civs: “Congrats on aging up! That was very quick with that many villagers, here’s your game-changing mechanic!”
Abbasid: “Shut your camel loving mouth. You will age up when I say, you can’t make it faster, also, on top of that, you have research your bonus. You’re disgusting, get that filthy camel out of here.”


if you can afford it that is xD


i think who ever designed abbasid had no idea that the game is built on landmark victory and other civs get bonuses on aging up.

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We have all the data forever!

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@SavageEmpire566 So you guys have all data and forcing abbasid to be dead and ignoring your “data” every patch? like abbasids doesn’t exist?

Some players saying politics involved with investors money and abbasids will always be the worst civ, if that’s true we will just stop wasting our time trying to help you make the game playable and balanced.

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To be fair that exactly my thoughts since launch, with french being op they are top tier
delhi and abbasid bottom tier

in the end it their game they are free to do what they like
they can make it 6 civs game if they want
just keep in mind by that you are also encouraging players to be more toxic and scummy (cheating/exploiting)
rather then playing for fun

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thank you very much!

also the camels are way too expensive, for one camel one can buy 5 foot units.
camels are even way more expensive than knights!

Also the Golden age area is blocked by walls. If we want to protect our inner city/base camp with wooden or stone walls than we can’t expand the buildings to connect with the golden age to get the bonusses we want.

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First off lowest winrate doesn’t mean that much without considering the strategy people are playing and the most common Abbasid strat is fast 2 TC which auto loses a lot of games.

Agreed. Camel Rider needs something. Camel Archer is pretty good, though.

The boni at 10 and 30 are pretty good and easy enough to get. The 60 is obivously for your late imperial production, but it could be a bit less imo.

Sure, that’s why you don’t place it in front of your main TC and defend it. I have no issue with this.

The reason is not having to use villagers. It could still be a little faster imo because especially castle age man at arms have just no answer in feudal age and defending against them for a good two minutes is rough.

Never been an issue for me. Usually you get the important techs as soon as you get up to the next age anyway.

Not true at all. Abbasid have a very strong age 2 eco and you need to leverage it. Just don’t go 2 TC. Their hardest matchups are Mongols (because they are busted) and Rus (because they just skip age 2). Beating English in age 2 is pretty easy, French is harder, but doable.

With the current repair rate that would be broken. Building siege in the field is already super strong.

Agreed. Their water is absolute trash. Meh feudal ship (okay for raiding at least) and worst castle age ships in the game. Only imp ship is fine, but not on Chinese level.

If you really want to wall in a landmark wall in your TC not the HoW. Outside of firelancers it’s not an issue, though. Firelancers are actually one of the few cases to justify Camel Riders. They are faster than the lancers and completely shred them before they can kill too many buildings.

Disagree. I think Abbasid have a lot of options and some of the best infantry in the game. You have to adapt to your opponent, though. I like their concept of building a lot to expand your eco.

Why would you ever use a Camel (Rider?) for raiding? I don’t try to kill knights with archers and then complain about archers being bad. Abbasid still build knights for raiding. You just add two Camel Riders and if your opponent tries to win a cavalry battle you just murder all his knights. You even destroy french knights with this setup.

I agree that a few things should be looked at. Especially the Camel Rider and the Camel Rider Shield tech. Both seem overpriced and too niche. Just having the tech give ranged armor instead of melee would be huge, or even a tech for horsemen instead would be great. Abbasid water play in general is a mess. Also, is it intended that they don’t get the additional sails tech for boat movement speed?

But I think there are more important issues to address in the game which would also benefit Abbasids. Just nerfing Mongols would already help massively. Giving counterplay to professional scouts by reducing scout speed would be another boost.

For now it would help Abbasid winrate a lot if players wouldn’t be stuck on doing a 2 TC play every game. Even high elo players in tournaments keep doing it when it’s obviously a game losing play.

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This is all ideal for a civilization to gain the most resources in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. In the case of players with the same skill, how to win the game with less resources and worse troops? ?

I call bs on that one. How exactly would Delhi ever have more ressources than Abbasid at 7:30? For English it depends on how many farms they have built in this calculation. In most games they use their wood for archers and as such have worse eco than Abbasid, too.

If you are going to build archer then sheep is enough, in 10 minutes, abbsid needs 50 meat and 125 gold to upgrade technology, if you don’t choose fresh technology, then he is better than UK and DELHI

That’s why I’m questioning the picture you posted. Abbasid berries gather faster than english sheep and they get golden age bonus on top while english have no bonus at all. How do they gather more ressources in your picture?

The golden age is not born he needs time, 7 minutes and 30 seconds you don’t have a lot of rewards
DELLI has free research,UK has no rewards, but also does not need to consume resources。