Why hotkey are a mess

If you want to modify hotkey it’s not easy to found what you are looking for.
How to improve:
the key “<” can’t be set as a hotkey. (on the HD version the issue wasn’t there)
Issue 1 : Hotkey order are by alphabetical order. If your game is in French or English it’s not the same order.

  • Hotkey order need to be in the same order than button in the game.

Hotkey group need improvment. For example, go the next archery and select all archery are not in the same group of hotkey.

Select all same building is great but not easy to set. If you want to build five bowman or villager you use SHIFT and you don’t have to define the hotkey for each unit. You can do the samething. For example, ALT+key to select building or CTRL+the key…

Simplify configuration for building unit, on graphics setting you can go in details it could be great to have the same system.
Build the first unit in build is a same key for every building

It could be handsome to have a keyboard display on the screen and we can see what keys do.
If nothing select:

  • You see in grey, keys who do nothing
  • You see in green keys who do one thing
  • You see in white key who do multi thing (ex: go to a building or build the first unit)
    You can see what do your keyboard if you select a villager, a military unit, a building…

i can have the < key without problem as hotkey. It will show blank in the options menu, but it will work ingame. I even have alt + < and shift + < working fine.

also if you dont like the ingame options, there is this website https://aokhotkeys.appspot.com/ for editing your hotkeys online which is pretty neat. you can even save ur preset there and access it with a link any time you want.

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Does DE allow more advanced layering of hotkeys like that app mentioned above?

Thank you for this information ! I thank “<” was broken
Look great, I have edit my hotkey on it and try to configure ctrl+w for something haha

oh yeah that happened to me too once 111. pressed to assign ctrl-w, chrome closes completely

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