Why i dont have age insider tag?

Sorry for out of topic, but i just can’t find an explanation why i dont have this tag. I saw that most of the people do have that tag. I have registered in the insider program, but maybe i have done something wrong?

try to log out of forums and then log back into the forums, if this doesn’t work submit a request to support at support.ageofempires.com and support team will resolve the issue for you.


Thank you! It changed after relog <3


This happened to me as well. The log out, clear cookies, and log back in fixed it for anyone else who sees this and is having the same issue.

I think it’s worked for me too.


Age Insider Tag?? What’s that???

Next to your name on the forums you have “Age Insider” so it shows up as “WindHighland Age Insider”

I wonder if I have the insiders tag

All right, thanks. Uuuuuf, I’ve got it! :sweat_smile:

Why do some people also have “IN” next to the picture?

You can enable it on your profile. Click your Account Icon in the Top Right > Go to Preferences

To be clear, changing your profile options is not a requirement for receiving or showing your insider badge.

What Ziad5241 posted above is all you need to do.

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yes i think thats the best way, but devs are busy so give it time.