Why I'm Not UPLOADING Right Now... | AOE4 - Grubby

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Grubby also leaves AOE4, at least for the moment.

Of course, an important reason is because he earns more money with other games.

I don’t like high prize money and the orientation on e-sport.

However, he also says, which I support, that the development is too slow.

It’s time to wake up.

The management must realize that the orientation towards e-sports and the slow development will one day give the game the death blow. Of course, I hope it will never be like that. I wish AOE4 will be successfull again.

Kind reagards

Yeah this game needs more single player content.

Since the game has no viable feature that is completely new to the franchise, I’m no more inclined to play it more than the AoE games that already exist.

Also, the game fails to give me any joy with its horrible oversimplified UI design. I don’t know why there is 0 emphasis on things like unit art, why upgrade buttons all in that boring green with each button looking the same as the next one… etc etc.

All this is trading the soul of AoE for a more simplified look for competitive play, and I don’t like it.