Why in the WORLD are Burgs getting nerfed while Franks remain top dogs?

Yeah you’re right. They will be weak. I think your proposal of nerfing stable discount is better.

And last but not least, Flemish Militia…

I agree it’s too good on top of the eco discount, but realistically it’s also the part that gives them a lot more of their flavour.

I would rather change the eco, which is unnecessarily good, and doesn’t have as much to do with the uniqueness of the civ.

At 50% stable tech discount it makes up for their bad scout line on a cavalry civ, as well as the lag on the cavalier powerspike, as well as the lack of proper paladin.

In contrast you have civs like magyars that have the same as a Burgundian cavalier(until late castle), except there’s no lag, they still have discounted FU hussars , and a wider tech tree.

Imo if you change the discount they just become more of a generic cavalry civ with an eco twist (ie too similar to franks, Huns, sicilians, Berbers, magyars, Persians, Bulgarians, Lith)

Except that is what makes the civ unique. They trade individual power (see franks, lithuanians) for a better long term economy. Yes they get cavalier in castle age with +2 attack, but thats about it until they hit paladin. So their eco is whst makes them unique. How many cav civs are running around without bloodlines?

Not really, because they still lack bloodlines. Because now paladin costs 870 food and 500 gold. Which means its not something they can just whip out. You essentially make them weaker in early imp (due to having to rely on cavalier longer) and it makes the civ what its supposed to be.

Strong eco holding up the weaker units.

Keep the 40% eco nerf. Nerf stable discount to 33%. Now husbandry + cavalier costs 75 food and 50 more gold. That might not seem like much but remember what this civ is going to have to contend with in early imp.


Remove the earlier age part and make the eco techs not cost any food! Now that’s a radical idea. :sunglasses:

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