Why Indians is the worst civilization in AoE2?

Huns are a stupid choice but devs should learn from mistakes. You can find other Indian empires.


So Indians get absurd camels, elephants out of both stable and archery range and an insane boom to top it all off?

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That leaves the Indians with options. They can’t tech in Battle Elephants, Camels, and Elephant Archers at the same time. Anyhow their Battle Elephants and Elephant Archers will be generic. The other two civs, could have Battle Elephant or Archer Elephant bonuses to compensate for a bad knight line and the lack of gunpowder units.

I would just give them non elite battle Elefants as a starter affected by the current stable bonus.

This is a clear buff for 1v1 for a fast castle Elefant rush with extra armor. But Elefants aren’t overused, would be Somiliar to malay but cheaper vills instead of cheaper Elefants and fast up. Shouldn’t be op or Atelast it remains to be proofen.

Maybe give them even elite since they lack 1 meele armor in imp to balance them.
If they end up op in teamgames then remove the elite upgrade, easy.

They should remain Italians to venetian or lombarss or Northern Italians.

Renaming a current civi will just confuse people.


Not what I’m reading… I am not fluent in the History of India, but the Mughal Empire started in the 1500’s. I see where you put that during AOE2 “timeframe” it was x size. But AOE2 timeframe is somewhat subjective. 1598 is the latest “historical battle” in the game, but assuming that’s as far forward as the game goes is hard to know. If AOE2 only takes place in the “middle” ages then that battle at least falls outside of the middle ages. :man_shrugging:

Its always funny though when people show a map of india, that isnt even covering all of india…

As much as i would agree that Indians weren’t perfectly designed, historical accuracy isn’t the point of the game (looking at meso civs with blacksmith tech or Chinese not having techs they basically invented).
Also nobody never achieved anything by ranting and dissing those who disagree.