Why is Age of Empires 2 your favourite?

Personally, I rank the games like this: AoE2DE > AoM >= AoE3 (haven’t played DE) > AoE4 > rest I don’t really care about.

For me, it mostly comes down to aesthetics and nostalgia. AoE2, AoE3, AoM are all games I played in childhood and remember enjoying a lot. AoE2 also had aesthetics that I really liked, the East Asian architecture was so cozy. It’s dumb minuscule stuff like these that stuck for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:

The isometric style of AoE2DE is also my preferred choice, though the 3D of AoE3 wasn’t a problem for me. I remember AoE3 looked very good on its release. I’m also very partial to fantasy tropes, so AoM was also right up my alley. For AoE3 as well, I really liked the home card system and how each city had its own screen (that also developed as you leveled up or something? I don’t remember much of that system) - since I played Heroes of Might and Magic games, seeing each city develop as you play and progress was very fun. I quickly searched for more about the home cities, and you can apparently customize them? That’d be a major selling point for me personally! (Right now I just don’t think I’d have the time to play it/learn it again, otherwise I’d get it.)

AoE4 just doesn’t do it for me visually at all. It looks cartoonish to the point of it looking goofy. When you make a cartoonish style, it has to land well and still look good. Good cartoonish styles are timeless - see WoW, for example. Bad cartoonish styles end up looking like a badly done realistic-style, which AoE4 feels like for me. The camera view and sounds also were a turn off, on top of having civs that don’t interest me. I also really don’t like the UI style, in other games the UI feels very cozy and welcoming, whereas the new modern sleek styles look very cold and distant. Similarly, I don’t like the UI of Humankind, while Civ 6’s UI looks amazing, even though Civ 6 is a very cartoonish game as well. Another example of a cartoonish style done well!

For me, AoE4 simply looks like a game where the visuals are still in a pre-alpha development phase and you’re expecting a high quality render to happen on the units.

Finally, AoE2 also has so many civs that for me is a bonus. Ideally, you could have representation from all parts of the world, making it feel new and fresh, since so many RTS games that have a historical focus very often end up having the same civs over and over. It’s my hope that the next DLCs in AoE2 could continue exploring other areas of the world, like Africa.

I guess game mechanics are more of an acquired taste, which I’ve grown to like as well. So I guess generally, it’s just mostly the featured civilisations, maybe also time period (I’m less partial to guns and stuff), and mostly just the graphics/visuals.

Yes,it understable…

A medias, ya que algunas cosas son de interes personal (como el hechar de menos la piedra) yo en lo personal no la extraño, ya que en aoe 2 era muy situacional escaso, y en algunos casos habian civs que abusaban mucho de un spam desmedido de torres.

En cuanto al hora si, es jodido que valga menos que la madera yo creo que esto se podria arreglar haciendo que las haciendas sean construibles en edad IV y que los arboles en lugar de tener solo 300 de madera tengan 600 lo cual les haria ser mas longebos y durar más

en cuanto a la pop, si tambien me gustaria que se pudiese aumentar, pero siendo realistas con numeros grandes de unidades nuestros pc´s explotarian debido a los graficos (con hacer unas 300 unidades o 350 estaria bien los chinos claro superarian ese limite en 20)

hem…los nombres de aoe 2 si me parecen aburridos pero en ambos juegos se peca de que los nombres terminan igual (elite en el caso de aoe 2 y Imperial en aoe 3)

Sinceramente quiero aprender a como usar el editor del aoe 3 (que tiene más cosas que el del 2) pero no se como.

esto ultimo si, es jodido para los nuevos jugadores, con que el juego tuviera un tutorial por cada civ seria mejor.

la saga aoe vive del anacronismo, ver conquistadores con arcabuces en la campaña del cid campeador en los años 1000 es un ejemplo, oh godos peleando contra Españoles cuando los godos dejaron de existir siglos antes que los Españoles, ojo! que no digo que el aoe 3 no los tenga que los tiene, solo que ese sello de anacronismo ya venia desde antes.

Well, that’s annoying. Maybe it’ll be free to play again sometime. I wish every game had a demo version, though. It used to be totally standard back in the '90s, but not anymore.

The graphics flickered constantly, mostly the shadows. I think the game otherwise ran ok, but I didn’t play it for long because it was visually difficult to bear.

de hecho es verdad eso, antes las demos eran comunes hasta el aoe 3 original lo tuvo por eso es que probe esa demo y el aoe 3 se volvio mi favorito (y era una demo de la expansión warchiefs)

There has a been a little revival for Demos recently, so maybe they’ll make one.

I don’t know your hardware but the Beta had a resolution slider that was labelled in a way that it didn’t look like a resolution slider.
I first thought the game looked terrible until I moved the slider to max.
The release version fixed that but the release version also started you directly into the tutorial before you could change our graphic settings so the game will look awful when you first start it. I have no idea how anyone though that was a good idea to give people such a bad first impression.
Maybe they think everyone just uses 1080p but we don’t have 2012 we have 2022.

Sí,también aztecas en 1565 o trenes y vías ferreas en 1817…sucesos con décadas de diferencia…

A mí me paso con la demo pero del juego original,y que tenía un parecido con aoe 2…