Why is AoE:2 still bottlenecked by the slowest player's PC

We’ve all been there: playing a team game, and for some reason, right from dark age when game performance shouldn’t be an issue, the game runs at 20 fps. One guy has a slow PC, and it’s affecting everyone in the game. Why???


not sure why they havent fix this, should be a priority. right now people can literally choose to downclock their processor mid game to ruin games and slow other players in 4v4 team gates.

At least is a game accessible for everyone. Aoe3 is worse to deal with this.

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thats probably a big reason why this issue exist in the first place.

they market the game with such low end hardware requirement which couldnt be further from the truth when ton of units pathing are involved.

they totally should add in a feature to show someone’s benchmark and allow people to see them even in non-ranked games.

This is not what I am talking about here. I don’t care that other players have a laggy experience, they just shouldn’t be able to influence mine. Servers were created to prevent p2p connections, yet the game still bottlenecks to the lowerst denominator.

I thought the DE games were made so that if one player lags it doesn’t effect the other players. Maybe I’m mistaken

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thats not what im talking about. this game engine was designed back when everyone only had 1 core CPU with dial up speed. if you still think this is due to network connection then you’re very mistake. I have had people that I know play this game with less than 1mbps internet connection and they do not lag, its cause is hardware, notso much as to internet speed.

there are probably stuff they couldnt change that would otherwise cost them a ton of money.

How many remakes of the game is needed?

as many as it needs to hopefully fix the serious problem

This is literally never going to happen. You’d basically be making AoE5 if you wanted to fix it.

The “lockstep” processing where everyone has to have the same information, which AoE2 uses, is quite unusual. However it eliminates lag as it appears in other games, where information appearing on your screen can be different from someone else’s screen. Internet speeds can never be 100% reliable so you always have to make a compromise somewhere. At least in AoE2 your units never die by a unit you can’t see, which could happen if you “fixed” lag the way you propose

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