Why is Berlin the Homecity of Germany?

Shouldn’t it be Hamburg?
Seville was not the capital of Spain, but it’s its homecity in the game.
Of course, I wouldn’t change it now, because Berlin has been Germany’s homecity for more than a decade but, why was it choosen in the first place?

Because it’s one of the 3 Prussian references that make the civ “Germany” and not Austria. Vienna would have been better since it has shipping access via the Danube.


You can change the name of your home cities freely in the home city menu.

The German home city can be any place you’d like it to be, there are no Berliner landmarks in the HC anyway.


This is such a dumb topic.

Explorer and Homecity Name are easily customisable, don’t even need any mods.

The German Homecity is wherever my hearts desires

Yes and no. Ultimately it doesn’t matter too much- the game is playing fast and loose with some of the historic frameworks. Because the time period encompasses almost 400 years, it’s impossible to settle on one thing without upsetting a lot of other groups that view different anchor points more favorably.

There is no big weight put on the accuracy of the capital city, because… we’re not playing as any country. In two ways:

  • the player is not controlling home country, or imperial homeland, he is in charge of the new colony
  • even in a situation where that would be the case, we’re not playing as any political entity, like Holy Roman Empire or German Empire. Civs are named by dominant ethnic-cultural groups. Here: Germans.
    Germans | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

It’s a bit muddy by design, and it can be. It’s impossible, and certainly was back in 2005, to make the system more dynamic and for example, include 2-3-4-5 capital cities that change with passing game ages etc.

It’s partially fine, partially whatever :slight_smile: