Why is ELO so 'hidden' away from the player

If you asked, I wouldn’t be able to tell you my rank, because I don’t really know it.
I load the game, hit multiplayer, hit find match, and wait…
I then can’t check my ELO as the tab is locked (for some stupid reason).
(It would be nice having something to do while waiting 2 - 5 mins for a game…).

But, when I do check, it doesn’t mean much to me.
After playing a game, I don’t even get to see my opponents rank… wtf
Did I play well? Or was I just against a lower rank?
Did I just suck? Or was I against a higher rank?
It remains a mystery.

How about some general ELO stats in game?


Totally agree. On top of that not having Elo and games played displayed in Lobby Browser makes having Balanced Teamgames very hard to get. Tabing out and checking everyone on AOE2.net is just anoying.


yeah would be great if we had better info, atm i run 2 screens, 1 with the game and another with aoe wiki and aoe.net :laughing:

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You have the site of “Air One Equipment” open while playing? :smirk:

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Forbidden Empires and the anyone else in charge should take a look at how similar games handle this. Blizzard’s SC & WC, Mobas, fps games like CSGO or COD and many more. And simply find the best solution to this issue. I think actual divisions would at a lot to it, maybe not with such a grind heavy climb as in lol, but something similar. And while they are at it they could redo the UI of the whole mp menus, they are awfull and waste a ton of space.

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