Why is everyone MAA + Archer rushing?

Literally every game in the 1400 elo level is MAA + Archers… Not to mention wallers. Literally 9 out of 10 times people wall.

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Well it’s always either archer or scout rush

Damn man just make one post at once before spamming.

Welcome to a metagame.

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I think as a 1k ELO I could learn one BO with Japanese and maybe boost it 1600 11

they do that, because Hera told them if they do that, they’ll win


honestly being 1600 but only knowing one BO is so lame but whatever if you don’t get bored of playing the same thing all day i guess thats fine

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Whatever makes the ‘pros’ money

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Ah! This right here explains it! I must have missed the memo

Because walls are too strong and this unit combo can break them. Walls are too strong meaning that walling behind with houses, markets are too strong and man at arms archers have somewhat fair trade vs that.


If the map gets boring for you, just ban the map. There are always other maps in the rotation :slight_smile:

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Always play anti-meta. Go play some drush+archer to counter man at arms+archer
Or straight archers, scout skirm

Maa + archers is just perfect to punish silly wallers.
Usually drush into archers are the better overall strat, but of course if your opponent walls and doesn’t make any military, maa+archers are just perfect to punish that.

Not everyone does this. I play around 1400 and avoid playing archers (I’m fairly bad with them).

MAA is a reliable opening for many civs and it buys time to adapt to your opponent. And archers are a good unit that doesn’t cost food for advancing.

You also got to be more specific about “wallers”. Do you mean people that build walls ever? Or people that do very early walling into fc? If anything, It looks as if mid-high level players use walls far less than was intended with the game. Plus walls are heavily nerfed from the state of the game for most of its existence. Just consider that building stone walls for your city like any sensible medieval leader is considered “situational” in current meta.

militia because it’s the only unit you can make in dark age
archers because it’s the only unit that upgrades into something useful in castle age

notice a pattern?

It is a boring meta but it guarantees damage on the enemy, while drush can be stopped with quick walls and sc too, going for a stronger army composition takes more time and then he can just add few skirms and go up, as you can see the BO is the best vs wallers, trying other BO is risky.

The counter BO of that is going straight arch+skirms.

Another suggestion for OP: Make sure you improve your scouting. If you can scout your enemy early, you can adjust your own strategy to throw them off, especially if you learn to play with civs that are hard to predict in 1v1, Japanese, Byzantines, Chinese for example.

Also consider playing more strats that mess with the meta, do more Inca rushes, try the Sicilian donjon forwards, at lower elos even a Persian douche will throw players off.

I love playing scouts but it is nearly imposible to make damage with scouts. People wall like crazy in dark age. So you have to play maa archers even with cavalry civs. Then add stables to swtich to knights.

Because they want to win the game.