Why is Inca being nerfed again and again?

I really don’t get why Inca is being nerfed again and again while being a bottom tier civ… It’s so annoying.


Yeah I used to main inca and stopped because of the nerfs. You can pretty much guarantee that when a new update comes out inca get nerfed in some way. They’re far from overperforming in fact they’re underperforming at pretty much all levels.

It’s annoying as well that they continue with nerfs but don’t address issues like macemen taking more than twice as long to spawn from the plaza ceremony compared to skull knights. They also remain with no efficient way to deal with massed artillery, the huaraca getting countered and out ranged by falconets the very unit it should kill with ease. Bolas warriors were also way overnerfed that it’s rarely worth making them now and better to go spearmen.

Inca are still playable but you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage by using them compared to almost any other civ. They even nerfed chincha rafts even more while giving unique battleships to all the other euro civs.


Aoe3 is a Euro-centric community.

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