Why is it so slow to put the villagers in the tc I don't understand?

I always put villagers into the tc, and then expel them so that they arrive faster at their destination, or whatever, but it gives me cancer that this process is so slow or simply does not consider the order, I hate it, I try so hard to improve my speed in this game, things like that ruin it, Game is not my PC, I don’t have lag, at most I can get 380 ms in Asian regions, but even playing other games where I have more ping I don’t feel as slow as in this game, when I see other streamers they don’t have that problem I don’t understand why it only happens to me

N: Press repeatedly while the villagers garrison in the town center, so that they come out instantly and in order.
B: If all the villagers are inside the town center this instantly ejects them all.

Note: In case this doesn’t help you, I recommend you to customize the shortcuts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if the same logic applies as here, but it could be a problem with the servers, the area where you live or the internet directly.

Developers, I would like to request that in the absence of an enemy unit or attack, the villagers take as long to enter the town center as the Incas enter their fortresses. :smiling_imp: