Why is Lords of the West not on gamepass?

I thought every xbox game studios game was coming out on gamepass. This does not seem to be on gamepass, I would have guessed that it would release at least on gamepass ultimate, but it’s not.

Why is that, does anyone know for sure?

It’s just how GamePass works. There’s a discount for DLC but it is not included with the subscription.

Yeah I know, and the discount is a somewhat nice thing, definitely appreciated.

But it just seems like a very inconsistent strategy from Microsoft.
The Gears 5 dlc that came out recently, coming in at 20€, was included in gamepass ultimate, while the AoE2 dlc is not.

Just so weird…

I thought it would be on Game Pass too. When it was first announced as now available on this page (Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Lords of the West - Age of Empires) it says “available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft Store, and Steam” which to me means its included on Game Pass, otherwise what’s the difference between available on Game Pass and Microsoft Store.

Also, on the buy now page Buy Now - Age of Empires it has the Game Pass button just like the regular AoE I, II, and III Definitive Editions.

Also, on their YouTube announcement video

That’s kinda a bit of false advertising.

The real question is, why is the game more expensive in the microsoft store compared to steam? i can buy 2 times the game on steam at the same price of one of the microsoft store.