Why is modify attribute by variable not available?

I am in a situtaion like, I want to multiply the work rate as per the modify resource by variable for chopping productivity is multiplied for every change in variable. But now chopping productivity multiplies by the change in variable and the work could only be multiplied by one quantity :frowning: . Is there any solution?


Don’t know if I got you but you could change work rate of woodcutters every time the variable increase by 1. You’ll need more triggers depending on how much said variable can increase but that’s the only way I know.

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It can only be added by one quantity either 1,2,3 or so on… or If we try to multiply by even 2 after 5 rounds it gets multipied by 2 power 5 that is 32. no clue how to increase it accelerated but not too much.