Why is someone so pissed with me training Turkish CA on a open map?

The map is Valley, and as it’s an open map, cav archers are more sensible than Janissaries.

My allies were Mayan and Italians, and enemy team are Gurjaras, Goths, and Malians.

Knowing that I am facing a Goth player, and that I have scout cav upgrades for free, the first thing I did when I got to Castle Age was to rush the Goth player before they reach Imperial and unleash the disastrous infantry spam. I boomed, hence I was able to train more units, and my army has cav archers and light cavs (later free Hussars when I got Imperial). The Italian player joined my raid later in the game.

The Goth player chickened out at my aggression first so he was out of the game, and I already had dozens of cav archers.

The Gurjaras player was next, and they sent me a angry message, calling me a noob for making Cavalry Archers as Turks, when I could have made Janissaries. The Gurjara player made one desparate attempt to stop me with their Shrivamsha Riders, and many, if not, all fell to my own mounted units. By the time, I had enough for a few cannons, and the Gurjara player raged quit after I bombarded their base.

Is focusing on cav archers and hussars as Turks a noob, espeically when I went early aggression on an open map?

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Well, if they lost to it, obviously it wasn’t the wrong play. Just ignore people like that.


CA is better than Janissary against Gurjaras. S.Rider shield works against number of projectiles, not damage values. Janissary is really bad against them for having huge attack with large fire delay.

I think your team didn’t need 3 ranged units from all 3 players. But then again, both CA and Janissary are ranged units anyway. So I don’t see any issue.

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First thing to say, if they are your oppinents, then it is none of their business whether you use a bad strategy or not.

I agree with you that light cav + cav archers as Turcs is a sound strategy at your level.

I say “at your level” as a contrast to “at pro level”, where they would mainly go full xbows or full knights, depending in whether they are between 2 allies or only close to one. They would make very coordinated fights with their allies from feudal age onward and wouldnt make janissaries or cav archers in castle age. But the pro strategies are better for them because of the way they react and make use of ever tiny advantage they get.

Actually, if your allies only help out later, light cav + cav archers might be the best thing you could go for, because:

  • since you fight alone, you need 2 type of units
  • these 2 units are fast so you can run away if outnumbered and attack every opponent one after the other. Where Jannissaries alone would have died to some light cav or knights.
  • Turcs have good boni and upgrades for these 2 units all game long, so you can make a lot of them without geing afraid that they become useless in imperial age.

But ideally, you want to fight with your allies and not train both light cav and cav archers, assuming your allies communicate well and have the same skill as you (if they are bad, you need both units because you may not be able to count in them during fights)

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