Why is the game left even more broken for 2 month already?

With the release of the India DLC 2 month ago a lot of broken things were introduced.
Selection of reported issues:

  • mouse related hotkeys are not working
  • stop move is not registering for ranged units as intended
  • stand ground doesn’t prevent units from retargeting in low numbers
  • units on stand ground are more prone to not attack at all
  • pathfinding is siginificantly worse than before the patch

Devs at least trickle in some patches for the simple stuff, like mouse hotkeys, or reroll the pathing to before the DLC.

Is there any reason why there are no fixes coming in at all?


They working on AOM2 :joy:

Why cry about things that are broken for just only 2 months, if the rating is broken since release :rofl:


I can give you 2 motivations.

  1. If something is broken since years ago, it’s unlikely that will get fixed soon, so you sort of give up on that, so you switch attention other things.
  2. The complexity of the problem is much different. Some things like rating might need a big overhaul of some portion of the game, or have a big impact if, for example, rating is restored to default. Fixing hotkeys and things broken since last patch should be much easier.

And obviously the sooner you bring evidence to this problems, the sooner you might, if lucky, see them addressed. So at least one should try to ask for a fix, no matter if there are bigger problems.

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Seconding this. They released an expansion that broke pathing. OK, it was a good expansion, just fix it- no big deal. It’s been months and the pathing is still completely shot. This might be difficult to fix, I don’t know. The least they can do is communicate about it.

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I don’t see why new pathing should have ever been released with the DLC, if it’s obviously way worse than the existing.

Basically someone was working on the pathing, worsened it, and released it without testing/reviews/beta release.

Pathing still broken.

EDIT: shift+mouse button hotkeys work again for me!! that is awesome. i had to reassign them tho.


TG rating as well. And smurfing isnt fixed either.

I came, I saw, I left disappointed :disappointed:

I’m using a mouse with 12 hotkeys and I use about 7 of them frequently. Never had any issues where the hotkeys were not working as intended.

okay and how many of your mouse related hotkeys did use ctrl+mouse button or shift+mouse button?
if you think that your client magically isn’t bugged, then maybe read the bug reports and try to reproduce the bug.

well it’s fixed now appearently and that’s really good.

Because fixing those things doesnt make any money. Releasing ridiculous and unnecessary expansions is where the $$$ are at.

Two of the 7 I constantly use with ctrl+hotkey. I know that MbL uses hotkeys on his mouse to number all his monks and he did use a lot of monks last weekend in BoA finals. He would have told chat afterwars if this wasn’t working. Maybe some specific mouse brands or models were not affected by that bug.

Well, thanks to that, reproducing won’t be possible anyway as it seems :smiley:

Stop beeing annoying, ofc control groups on the mouse did still work.
Load the old game version and try to use ctrl + mouse wheel up for select all idle military.
It didnt work.
What is even the point of your comment, saying ‘well the hotkeys i used were not affected’.

Then I must’ve misunderstood you, sorry, no need to be that toxic.

I won’t because for me everything worked just fine.

I just wanted to clarify that things like that might affect everyone playing the game. I disagree with your topic title that the game is left broken and I hate when people are just like “that’s bad…”, “this doesn’t work…”, “that used to be better…”. Devs are clearly doing a good job in trying to fix the issues and I somewhat want to defend them by saying that not everything is bad.

That’s well intentioned you, then again, if everything was bad, nobody would play, and that’s a pretty low bar to set for something that could be so much better. I was about to leave a response like yours (essentially: be patient, devs are working hard, etc) but I discovered that in the latest update (to fix an issue that had being plaguing the Scenario Editor since the previous update), they broke something far bigger that, for my purposes, leaves the Scenario Editor basically unusable. And who knows for how many more months it will remain this way? I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, but by the same token, when stuff is left unfixed for years, and “updates” destroy major functionalities of the game, it’s worth pointing out.

Tbf they have fixed a bunch of other issues. Pathing is still better in DE.

Some fixes were for things like the Saracen market that was only brought up (again) fairly recently

If anything we should be complaining about some of the events not the DLCs, because the money from DLCs can partially support the game.

Pumpkin headed knights, flower explosions and fireworks on aging up on the otherhand…:thinking::thinking:


Yeah, I’d be okay with those silly mods if they magically had zero cost (just wouldn’t use them), but they literally represent devs being paid to work on things that nobody cares about, while neglecting the dozens of issues that people are constantly bringing to their attention.