Why is the tower card back in the game?

I don’t understand why this card is back for every civ as it is useless in sup and only affects treaty negatively. It makes people play super defensively, hide behind walls and 14 towers and destroys a good match experience. Would be very much appreciated if this card did not higher wall hp and be available for all civs. Only ottoman should have access to it to compensate their lack of effective anti cav.


Ottoman now has access to it to compensate for their lack of effective anti cav. So that’s no longer a problem.

If they make 100 towers, you make mortars to push. You know this. You do this.

You just don’t want to remake all your decks.

If you look at the mods you’ll see that some of the most popular are for unlimited towers and better defensive buildings. I’d bet this is why (or a large reason why) they made this change.


Walls should be nerfed by adding some sort of “no build” radius outside of walls. Its absurd how you can make 3 rows of walls directly next to teach other with 8500 HP. Games can be decided not by micro and early and midgame, but by how good your apm usage of building and re-building walls is. Because it takes forever to destroy them.

The cost of 5 wood for 1 piece of 8500 HP wall is too low. Wall upgrades should also increase the wall cost.

I’m not quite sure what your point is. I see a massive lack of experience in your message. You don’t really seem to be familiar with the way high level treaty games play out. As if adding one card to a deck was a problem … When evenly matched on culverin war you cannot simple invest pop into a tonne of morts without trading worse or just losing them to culvs. If your win condition to beat towers is “be the better player” then this card should simply not be a thing.