Why is there almost always a technical issue with the game?

I really don’t know, why there is always something with the game…
I played a ton of video games on multiple computers and barely had any issues, and even then they could be fixed.
Also played a lot of multiplayer with CS 1.6/Source/GO, Starcraft I, Warcraft III, Quake 3 Arena, Call of Duty 1/2/4/Modern Warfare.
Every of these worked out of the box.
Just set graphics, key binding and you are good to play.

But there is always something with Age of Empires 2 DE…
Literally every patch.
Either it runs super choppy, or pathfinding is worsened a lot, goes straight to desktop for some people, or, or, or…

I am really wondering what’s going on with the people tinkering with the app.


It’s gotten better but it was really bad for ages. There was some insane lag issues in earlier versions of the game.

I’m not here to point fingers but in general games have many technical issues these days. And no matter what they try you will probably have some super hacker guy who will desync games when they losing.

I think they are a relatively small team dealing with an extremely old engine. I imagine it really doesn’t lend itself well to automated testing which means things have to be tested manually. The knock on effect is that issue regression is likely to be common as well as introduction of new uncaught bugs. At least that’s my speculation.

FPS games have far different kinds of problems. Pathfinding is iirc one of the more complex things to tackle. I think Starcraft and Warcraft also don’t have that much collision on certain units at least, though in Warcraft I think when you move units around they also aren’t as intuitively moving. However, in both games I’m pretty sure you have fewer units in total than AoE2. Easens up performance by a lot.

Things like ‘going straight to desktop’ etcetera still happen in Warcraft 3, especially when you play custom games lol.

In fact, I’d say compared to the launch of DE, the game generally is very smooth. Compare DE to Reforged for example - the devs have simply blown it out of the park with AoE, whereas Blizzard got absolutely humiliated with Warcraft. Even when you compare bugs.


I wouldn’t say that Age 2 DE has many bugs.
but you shouldn’t forget that there isn’t a huge team working on the game + this is still the engine from AoK 1999*, of course, it has been heavily revised and many QoL tricks have been taught. but it is certainly not easy to make changes to the game.

if you look at other studios… Age 2 DE is worlds smoother to play. bugs are just really hard to find, if at all.

Yeah, I don’t want to be too negative towards the devs, the game just has so much unfulfilled potential due to many things not working they way they should. Sure, there have been times where they move things a step or two forward, but also plenty where they take a step or two back and destroy things that worked previously. Around February or March I was just getting to the point of being pretty pleased with where everything was at, then an “update” came in and destroyed some key functions of the Scenario Editor, which remain unfixed to this day.

That’s a bad excuse for poor performance; if they find themselves unable to competently perform the workload with the team they have, they should do what any company would: hire more people. Given that the original FE devs were hobbyists, it should be fairly simple to find more like-minded and like-skilled individuals. Hell, a lot of skilled people would probably be glad to help for free, if only that was a realistic option given the red tape that envelopes a company.

There is a forums-worth of threads that would disagree with that, including many which have been known for months/years and not fixed.

AoE2 is the only game that I play somewhat regularly, so I don’t have a great personal metric for what is a “normal” amount of bugs, but none of my friends that play other games have ever had to take a 3+ month break from a game while they waited for devs to fix stuff (I have just about every year since DE came out for a different reason every time). No doubt there are games that have it worse, but that’s a terrible metric for any kind of quality performance. There will always be something worse, but that’s just a lazy excuse for not (literally) upping one’s game.

i found just one, and is battle elephants walking at back to the front. Its funny

Either i don’t play multiplayer, where are mostly all bugs i’ve seen. In the last patch (which i still didn’t install) they solved the only error that i had with the game and is crashing when loading saved games.

All this means is that you have a very shallow awareness of the existing bugs because of the niche modes in which you play (i.e. Single Player but apparently no Editor/Modding and probably no Campaigns, or very limited). Which is fine, nothing against that playstyle, and it’s good that you’re enjoying the game. But it means that your opinion is not valuable as to the state of bugs in the game in general. It comes of as kind of smug and tone-deaf to come to threads like this where people are trying to raise valid issues, and gloat that everything is fine because your preferred playstyle is accommodated where many others are bugged.

“A small dev team” isn’t always the reason why issues keep happening. FE aren’t the only devs on the DEs.

Some issues look like they are caused by being worked on by shuffling freelancers, each replacement having no idea why their precedents did things this particular way. As a result, features that do not need fixing get “fixed” in a broken way from time to time, and some features are “fixed” differently each time it gets updated, while glaring mistakes that take a few minutes to fix have stayed since launch. The font display in AoE2DE seems like an example of all the above.

Heavy use of transient freelancers is common in the modern software landscape. That doesn’t make it any less painful. Crew consistency might’ve helped.

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Sure, my point was if that was the issue, it could be fixed relatively simply by expanding the team. That in itself, it wasn’t a good excuse for poor performance.

This is probably the best analysis of the situation I’ve seen, and would explain some of the incredibly amateurish implementation of some things and the frequent breaking of previously functional features. So I’d revise my previous recommendation to expand the permanent team, or at the very least have robust enough documentation that most of the essential knowledge would be passed along, as they’ve apparently allowed huge things to fall through the cracks.

I agree. Team should have more method to increase their profit so that they can expand the team

I know this is not what you mean, but it’s very important that this conversation is had without the myth that quality and speed of software development always scales with the number of devs (especially linearly).

Reporting a bug != finding a bug

If we’re talking about a 23 years old engine, there is a considerable possibility bugs are harder to find than what you might expect, let alone to fix.

Perhaps, although it seems some types of bugs are found/dealt with much more quickly. I maintain that the Scenario Editor is poorly prioritized because many bugs are found and reported by players the day they come into existence (like the latest Modify Attribute bug), but usually not solved for months. Whereas the regicide garrison bug gets fixed in a week. This pattern is common enough that it seems to reflect low priority rather than some kind of challenging technical issue.

Whatever the reasons for the bugs, the output is fairly bad in several domains. As an engineer, I’m familiar with having to work within many constraints, limitations, competing objectives, making do with old technology, etc, but that’s part of the job. Obviously there are some differences between engineering and programming, but the kind of excuses people are making for the devs would get me fired in 2 seconds. At the end of the day, there is no excuse for poor performance over a long time period, and I suspect it has to do with what @cucuct mentioned about floating freelancers (and probably poor documentation as well).

That might sound like a poor response, but that’s just the way it is. A bug might be simple on the surface but it’s actually really complex under the hood, while other bugs might be simple stuff but make things behave way weirder. Combine that with an old engine (probably not as well-written), and maybe poor documentation and logistical constraints makes it so that it’s better to just focus on something else rather than trying to fix a specific bug. Not saying that this is FE’s reality or that the excuses are necessarily valid, but it’s definitely possible.

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Eh, it still seems like a prioritization issue to me, but you may be right. Either way, nothing I can do about it, so better to focus elsewhere to minimize my annoyance with the current poor functionality.