Why is there no arabia on the teamgame ladder anymore?

I am around 1650 TG Elo. And i love to play Arabia with my friends. We always choose it as prefered map and 90% of the time we play Arabia against people who also want to play arabia. When we get matched on other maps we also play them.

Why can we suddenly not even choose it anymore and have to play runestones, which is just a worse version of arabia…

We have Black Forest, Arena and Nomad as regular maps and not Arabia, which is by far the most played map in TGs on higher elo.

I don’t get it…

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I completely agree. Arabia is the most played map in the game and if people don’t like the meta, they can just ban it like the people who enjoy Arabia have to ban the closed/water maps etc.

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I think they are trying to replace Arabia with Runestones for team games. Which would be smart if they intend to balance the Arabia map for 1v1 and Runestones for team games to attain a more satisfying overall game balance.

I think removing Arabia is fine if it gets replaced with Runestones or some map very close to Arabia.

Side note: even at high Elo, Arabia is only the 3rd most played team game map (after 1) Nomad and 2) Arena ) according to stars.io: Maps - Team Random Map | 1600+ (top 1%) - aoestats


I can see your point, but the current version of runestones isn’t any better than Arabia. It is easier to wall and the deers are way closer to the TC.

I don’t get the website you posted, it says arabia has only been played 877 times on +1600 elo and lombardia only 8 times. We played like 50 matches alone last 3 weeks on arabia.

And i agree with Sebastian that runestones is just one big wallfest with less strategy because the map is so flat.