Why is there no 'clear-all-queue' hotkey?

I’m sure I cannot be the only one who has run into this problem, on that happens - especially late-game - when one has queued a lot of units, but then wants to clear this queue because you hit the pop limit, or you need to quickly make something else to address a surprise enemy tech switch. This forces the player to cycle through each production building and clear the queue, which is very time-consuming. Ironically, the fastest way to clear the queue at the moment is to delete the production buildings, which is not ideal if resources begin to run out.

Therefore, I was wondering why there is no hotkey or button even to quickly clear all unit-production queues (not technology) at the same time, regardless of what building it is being produced from? It would surely help in these specific situations where you no longer need the units currently queued and need to quickly switch into something else.

I’m just curious what other people think about this.


I agree. Although you can control-click on the production units numbers on the top-left to clear them individually, it would be nice to have a quick key to clear all.

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Like last time when this topic was discussed I would like to point out that for example supreme commander forged alliance has this feature and it is very useful. A key that cancels all thing in queue in the selected building except for the currently worked on thing.